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    Welcome to www.EZDogFences.com! If you are looking for a great way to contain your dog and spending thousands on an Invisible Fence* system or a physical fence is just too much. We have great news! You can buy and setup an underground electronic dog fence yourself that is just like an Invisible Fence* for around $300 and we can show you how. Especially with our new Professional Upgrades on most of our systems!  We provide our Easy Dog Fence Selector based on your dog along with step by step instructions on how to layout your pet containment fence and finally how to install the electric dog fence system for optimal use. These dog containment systems will only work if you also spend the time to train your dog by using the dog fence to teach them their boundaries and keep them safely contained. Our step by step training instructions can be found here. If you are new to dog fences and would like to know more we also provide an Intro to Dog Fences to take you through what everything means.

    Choosing a Dog Fence Made Easy

    We have been told over and over again that the hardest part for dog owners is to figure out which dog fence makes the most sense for them and their dogs.  We have tried to simplify the process with out Dog Fence Selector Page that makes choosing a dog fence easy!  Just read through all of the statements on the page and choose the statement that best fits you and your dog and under that statement is the dog fence recommendation for you, that's it, EASY! 

    We also have general recommendations for those that want to read about all of the systems.  There are many factors in selecting a system and we break down all the systems on our Recommendations Page to recommend the ones that will most likely fit your needs. In our opinion, the best all around system is the new PetSafe YardMax Inground Fence, it replaces the Petsafe Ultrasmart Underground Dog Fence that has been discontinued. It is a great system! 

    For a dog under 15 pounds the Petsafe Deluxe Little Dog Fence Will be your best bet. For large yards the Sport Dog Underground Dog Fence Is a great choice to cover up to 100 acres. For the total package that includes the ability to remotely train your dog outside of the fence area the Innotek Ultrasmart Contain and Train system is a nice system. Some other good all-around systems are the Perimeter Technologies Basic and Deluxe and the Dogtra dog containment systems. You may have also wondered about your wireless dog fence options, we do not recommend them at this time, see our Wireless Dog Fence Review page to see why.

    Dog Fence Layout

    Once you have decided on a system, you will want to figure out the layout of your system. This can be done quickly and may save you some time if you need more wire than the 500’ that normally comes with the underground or in-ground dog fence systems. We also provide instructions on laying out your system, including how twisted wire can provide a safe zone for your dog within the containment area.

    Dog Fence Installation

    Now that you have purchased your system and have designed the layout that you want, it is time to install your dog fence system. You have two options when it comes to laying the wire. You can either install the wire by stapling it to the ground and/or fence. Or you can bury the wire. Using a flat edged shovel can work but we would suggest using an edger (or even a trencher) to make the job go much quicker, not to mention much easier. Check out our Dog Fence Installation page for additional instruction on twisted wire, burying wire, crossing walkways or driveways and more.

    Dog Fence Training

    All dog fence installers and good DIY dog fence sellers will tell you that the most important part of containing your dog using an electric dog fence, even an Invisible Fence* is the training. Your dog needs to be shown where the boundaries are and understand what happens if they try to cross the boundaries as well as how to avoid the consequences of crossing the boundaries. We have extensive step by step instructions that are short and to the point, so you don’t have to read through a novel, you just learn how to train your dog. And if you need more information, just contact us. The Dog Fence Training pages will take you through 5 steps that will have your dog happily contained in no time.

    Professional Grade Systems

    Some of our newest offerings include packages that include upgrades to wire to what the pros use in their installations.  Just about all of our fences can now be upgraded to heavier gauge wire including the same gauges that the pros use for their installations but we have also put together unique packages that include extras that allow you to install your own professional grade fence system for a fraction of the fully installed cost.

    The EZ Dog Fences Difference

    We are dog lovers just like you and know the feeling of worrying about our dogs every time they go outside. We also understand the anxiety caused by looking for a dog fence and not knowing where to start and what is involved in the entire process. That is why we started EZ Dog Fences, to help you every step of the way. We also realize that there are many choices out there when making a purchase so we offer Free Shipping on all orders over $50, Battery check reminder emails and 30 day no hassle returns. How can you go wrong? You can’t!

    *Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc. and is not affiliated in any way with EZ Dog Fences LLC.

  • About Us

    EZ Dog Fences was started by dog lovers for dog lovers.  Everyone in our family owns dogs, in some cases more than one. And like you, we all have one goal in mind: to keep our dogs safe while they have room to run and play within a safe containment area - our yards!

    We installed our first electronic pet fence years ago. In just a weekend, we saved ourselves over $2,000 vs having it professionally installed. We spent several years researching and installing additional fences and have used that knowledge to help others have the confidence and tools to install fences themselves, too!  Even today we are still learning and working to find ways to give our customers the best options, for example, our newest offering of upgraded wire for just about all of the dog fences offered.  Most fence systems come with 20 gauge wire, and now you can upgrade to 18 gauge or even use the same gauges that the professionals use, 16 gauge and even 14 gauge.  You may have already seen some advertising for Professional Grade systems that have this gauge wire.  We also starting to put together some dog fence packages that have all the wire you will need for bigger yards, more dogs and special accessories. 

    We hope that you find all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about what system you need, how it works and how to install it with the minimal effort possible to create that safe zone for your dogs and get that piece of mind that you want.  Check out our store for all your dog fence needs!


    And remember, do it yourself and save!

    Todd @ EZ Dog Fences